Lakewood, CO – EZ Lakewood Junk Removal is a junk removal company that removes all things that clients no longer require, including yard waste, appliances, furniture, and construction waste. The company offers full-service junk removal whereby its team physically comes to a client’s property and physically gets rid of their junk. EZ Lakewood Junk Removal hauls all kinds of debris, excluding hazardous materials such as asbestos. It also specializes in demolishing structures such as concrete patios, pools, houses, driveways, and sidewalks in Lakewood.

The main service offered by EZ Lakewood Junk Removal is the garbage collection service. The Lakewood Junk Removal Service helps clients get rid of harmful garbage that may accumulate in their homesteads and business premises. Its team physically comes into the client’s properties to collect garbage eliminating the hassle of bagging the garbage and ferrying it to the curb. Physically collecting the garbage protects clients from harmful situations. The company also cleans out crawlspaces and attics.

EZ Lakewood Junk Removal also provides after-hours and emergency removals. At times, junk rapidly accumulates, especially during construction. The rapid accumulation of junk exposes clients to injury from dangerous objects such as metals and debris, and contractors may not have sufficient time to clean out the waste. EZ Lakewood Junk Removal comes in handy in such a situation since it has a standby team that responds to after-hours and emergency calls. Customers are free to call the company any time of the day or night and have their junk cleared.

Another service provided by EZ Lakewood Junk Removal is the estate cleanout service. Gatherings such as funerals are incredibly hectic and can create several unexpected consequences. The bereaved may have to clean the estate while they are already facing a very tragic time. It is possible that they may get confused, not knowing where to start from, or they may lack the strength to clean out the estate. This is where the company’s removal team comes in. The team handles the situation on behalf of the clients and will clean up the whole estate if necessary.

The company also demolishes and removes sheds and decks. Sheds and decks are crucial components of any home. Their main undoing is that they consist of wood that lasts for shorter durations and may require replacement. Those looking to demolish their sheds and decks can contact EZ Lakewood Junk Removal. The company’s team will come with the right tools and ensure that the demolition is completed fast and safely.

EZ Lakewood Junk Removal – Lakewood Junk Removal also gets rid of old appliances. Storage spaces at times get overstretched with heavy and bulky appliances, and the high number of obsolete appliances limits the space of homes. Clients can contact EZ Lakewood Junk Removal and have the unused appliances removed and hauled away from their homes.

EZ Lakewood Junk Removal is located at 823 S Vance St, Lakewood, CO 80226. For general inquiries, contact their team by calling (720)961-2040. For any additional information regarding their services, visit their website.

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EZ Lakewood Junk Removal
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