Cultivate Creativity and Musical Talent at Monrovia Music Academy

Monrovia Music Academy makes a difference in the lives of families and students performing in local bands, resuming playing music after many decades, or taking their first lesson. 

Before playing on stage at Madison Square Garden and the Grammys, Ulf Geist started a family band with his brother, sister, and dad when he was five. Together, they played at festivals, his grandfather’s annual birthday parties, and various celebrations. Despite developing his passion and growing up around music, his progress was stubborn, and practicing became a chore. However, once Ulf’s teacher caught on, he changed how he ran lessons to suit his learning style, an approach Ulf adopted when he founded Monrovia Music Academy. 

The academy focuses on students’ ability to enjoy the learning process, retain information better, and grasp necessary lessons at their pace in an encouraging and welcoming space that allows them to unleash their creativity through music. The teachers are highly qualified and accomplished musicians passionate about tailoring fun, engaging, and positive lessons. From comprehensive musical instruments to extensive musical education, aspiring musicians, adults looking to learn a new skill, or parents seeking extracurricular activities for their children can begin sessions. 

The academy’s music lessons cover instruments like piano, drums, trombone, guitar, ukulele, clarinet, violin, trumpet, flute, and saxophone. Students can develop their singing skills and learn to perform songs from popular genres such as R&B, country, rock, gospel, pop, and jazz. Voice lesson instructors guide students through many physical exercises to improve their breath control, vocal range, enunciation, and other skills. With personalized lesson plans that reflect each student’s desires, instructors ensure beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons get them closer to achieving their goals. 

Whether a person is working, an experienced producer, a professional DJ, or interested in creating beats,  they can sign up for the DJ/Music production program at Monrovia Music Academy. The instructors build skill sets, equipping students with new tools for the booth, home computers, or recording studios. Students in the program learn about beat matching, scratching, producing/creating tracks/songs from scratch, using DJ turntables/mixers, and industry-standard production software. 

Animal Adventures in music at the academy offers private music introductory lessons for children ages 3-6, which provides an engaging and fun way to learn. Unlike other programs, it contains a comprehensive curriculum covering topics ranging from note reading to rhythm to instrument exposure/introduction presented through activities, games, and homework. Each lesson adopts a one-on-one format with one teacher and student, allowing them to progress while exploring all interests and grasping concepts. To learn more about the program, visit Monrovia Music Academy.

The academy has online music lessons and a unique program to help students achieve musical milestones. The program features a sticker, wristband, and certificate system to track progress from levels 1-10. This approach measures student growth and provides a tangible way to celebrate success, and motivates them to reach higher musical pursuits.

In addition to personalized lessons, the academy hosts student recitals and boasts modern facilities and equipment. Students also enjoy picture day, and the academy ensures security through the use of surveillance cameras. Book a trial lesson on their website or call 626-408-8622. Their location is at 136 West Lime Ave., Monrovia, CA, 91016, US.

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